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The Body Temple Institute

Of Wholistic Heath And Herbal Studies

About Us


We are an Afrikan family of health revolutionaries, opening the way to Afrikan Self Preservation through health maintenance and conscious eating since 2001. The Founders of this institute have been on this journey for more than 25 years each and seek to aid the Afrikan Nation through the process of healing and evolving. The Body Temple Institute accomplishes its mission online through paths of study for certification, workshops, books, blogs, and lectures. Locally we establish healers networks, healing consultations, yoga classes, lectures, group cleanses, and health products.       

Mama Mawusi Ashshakir, ND, MH, Midwife

Founder and Guardian Director 

The Creator has a master plan and the plan for me is to fully live out the power and potential of Afrikan Wombmanhood. I am a Master Herbalist, Direct Entry Midwife, Traditional Naturopathic Physician, Certified Childbirth Educator, Doula and Lactation consultant.

I have been healing by using wholistic methods consciously for 25 years. I learned herbalism, nutrition and midwifery through an apprenticeship with Dr. Siti Opio. To this day she is my guide, Spiritual Mother and role model. I am a wife of 28 years, mother of 7 brilliant health conscious, homeschooled children and 4 grandchildren. I am an Afrakan Culture Keeper. My focus on culture Nation Building began with my devotion to my children whose intelligence gave me the confidence to homeschool, homebirth, build communal economic systems, become a healer, grow food and learn sustainable building methods. As a result, I have devoted myself to my people by creating 5 nation building institutions to support and aid Sustainable Self Sufficiency: The Mothership which trains birth workers, The Body Temple Institute of Wholistic Health and Herbal Studies, Akoko Nan Freeschool Resource Center, Rising Academy Of The Sun, and Daughters of the Clay Rites Of Passage for girls. My vision is to institute life empowering programs that inspire people to seek Liberation Information for themselves, thereby creating sustainably stronger families and communities.

Baba Montu Ashshakir,

Founder and Guardian Director

Baba Montu is a conscious livitarian thus conscious of perpetuating his quality of life. Highblood pressure, diabeties and obesity threatened his family health history prompting him to take action and making his greatest achievement healing himself. Today a Detoxification Specialist, Fasting Guide, Master Herbalist and Mucusless Diet Practitioner Baba Montu works to build stronger Afrikan Nations by leading us on a journey of eliminating our inner toxins and maintaining our quality of health. Being a husband of 28 years and father of 7 his focus is on Afrikan Nation building and teaches that liberation will be won by those who are healthy enough to conceive it.  

Sister Ameera Amanitore Madzimoyo

Instructor, Personal Trainer, Master Herbalist, and Vital Nutrition Counselor

Graduate of The Body Temple Institute Master Herbalist Program with a focus on Vital Life Nutrition. Mrs Madzimoyo is a personal physical trainer and Founding Director of The Brazen Godess. She is a Master Herbalist, Midwifes Apprentice, Certified Doula, Certified fitness trainer, and Vegan Chef. She teaches Vital Nutrition Classes for The Body Temple Institute and writes nutrition blogs on The Brazen Goddess website .